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Qualifying Information

The top 24 KI World Cup points earners and Kombo Klash Champions will solidify their spot in the finals bracket. 4 additional spots are being held for international qualifiers!

The final 4 spots are reserved for last chance qualifiers on site at the KI World Cup itself! Thats right, even if players don’t have enough points to qualify, they can still show up, compete in a last chance qualifier, and make their way into the final bracket and the money! These last chance qualifiers will come in the form of four brutal single elimination brackets. Players are free to compete in all four of them to try to earn their spots in the finals!

As the premier Killer Instinct tournaments, Kombo Klash tournaments will be the most prominent tournaments for qualification. The winner of every Kombo Klash directly qualifies for the World Championship and the top 16 players receive maximum ranking points (see chart for point distribution).

As the next largest major tournament, Evolution Championship Series will also have its champion directly qualify for the World Cup. The top 16 placing players will receive substantial ranking points (see chart for point distribution).

Other specifically sanctioned major fighting game tournaments will also receive ranking points for their top 24 players in Killer Instinct (see chart for point distribution).

Finally, specifically sanctioned online tournaments will receive minimal ranking points for their top 24 players (see chart for point distribution)


Killer Instinct CON

KI World Cup of 2017 will bring the first ever Killer Instinct Con! You will be able to meet the developers, voice actors, artists of Killer Instinct and more!

Tickets for KI Con/KI World Cup 2017 are now available through the Tobin Center! Click here to register!

Click here for our Facebook Event Page with all the information on tournaments, panels, and other details!

Official KIWC Rules

Rules and Regulations

Threats and Toxicity:
In game taunting of all kinds is allowed! As far as threatening other players outside or inside of KIWC there will be a absolute ZERO tolerance for this. We would prefer trash talk to stay on Xbox Live or on Facebook. You will be banned for threatening other players.

Players being toxic towards the community or development team on social media, streams, Xbox Live, & at events will be given a warning if we deem it necessary. If the issue escalates or said player causes other similar issues, they will be removed from the event and not allowed to participate in the rest of the tour. Examples include (but not limited to): bullying, belittling, excessive bashing of KI in streams & social media.

Sexual Harassment:
There will be a zero tolerance for this as well, whether it be at KIWC, on Xbox Live or on social media

Personal Hygiene:
Players must be in good hygiene for KIWC. Players that are not will be asked to leave & return in good hygiene.

At KIWC we promote a fun, professional and safe experience for ALL players.

Basic Rule set:

Console: Xbox One
Bring Your Own Controller
Double Elimination
Default settings
2/3 Rounds per Game
3/5 Games for all Sets
Winner must keep same character
Combo Assist is Allowed
Random stage select (players may opt for an agreed stage)
Preset Accessories sets are allowed
In game taunting of all forms is allowed

-Brandon Alexander, Head of KI World Cup